Full Body Polishing

To obtain shiny fresh layer of skin by using consentrated imported chemical peels and nutralisers. Something a bride does before marriage.

Full Body Polishing in Details

A body polish is perhaps best thought of as a 'facial for the body'. This treatment sees the spa therapist apply a polishing formula comprising a natural exfoliant - such as salt, sugar, coffee, rice bran or pecan hulls (etc.) - and aromatic essential oils to the guest's entire body (minus the face and genital area). The aim of this is to remove dull, dead skin cells while promoting the healthy production of new ones, for improved appearance and condition.

A body polish is perhaps best thought of as a 'facial for the body'.

What are the Preparations:

The consultation with our specially trained dermatologists.

  • Review your medical history, including medication use.
  • Discuss risks, benefits and expectations, including what laser hair removal can and can�t do for you.
  • Take photos to be used for before-and-after assessments and long-term reviews.

During the procedure

Steps typically followed:

  • EXFOLIATION: Your esthetician will carefully move the material covering you to expose a small section of your body at a time, so that the exfoliating formula can be massaged into all areas while ensuring your modesty throughout (treated areas will be re-covered). Once this process has been completed with you facing down, you'll be asked to turn over so your front can be treated. Again, the towel or sheet provided will be used to prevent overexposure of your body
  • RINSE: Once you are fully exfoliated it's time to rinse off the residual abrasive grain (or 'bits') covering your body. If your body polish is performed inside a wet room-as is often the case-moving to another area to shower may not be necessary, since a purpose-designed Vichy shower is likely to be present directly above your massage table
  • MOISTURISATION: Once showered and dry, you'll be asked to lie back down on the massage table so your spa therapist can apply a rich body lotion or oil to both sides of your entire body. This final step will lock moisture in your skin, encouraging suppleness and the longest possible results from your treatment
  • After the procedure:

    When the therapist is finished, you usually step in to a shower for you to wash off all the products. Be sure to rinse off thoroughly therefore you don't have little granules returning to the desk. And don't use shower solution it's good to keep the aromatic fragrance on your skin. The treatment on the special damp table, the therapist will help you wash of the products with the help of a hand-held shower, or a Vichy shower.


    Results of this treatment vary greatly from person to person.